Founded in 1997, FG Group is one of the premium denim wear suppliers in Turkey with its in-house laundry and finishing facilities. Based upon 25-year-long experience, the company increases its production capacity every passing year. The rapid growth which comes with this increasing capacity strengthens the position of FG Group within the denim industry. Thanks to both its international strategic partnerships and its large-scale R&D investments, the company plays a significant role in the adaptation of the textile industry, from the traditional processes to modern standards.

With the aim of creating a business model that encourages the effective usage of natural resources, FG Group adopts sustainability as a principle and constantly invests in this direction. As a consequence of these innovations, it undertakes a production process, which offers better opportunities for both human health and the environment. Today FG Group offers employment directly and indirectly for more than 3000 people and this number keeps increasing.