• The foundation of FG Group is based upon justice.
  • Justice is fed by conscience.
  • Everyone is equal and fair.
  • Unjust power remains unfinished.


  • FG Group employees are agile.
  • They are innovative and are not afraid of change.
  • They know how to fight fearlessly.
  • Courage is the key to progress.


  • Trust is social capital for FG Group.
  • Confidence is fed by unity and equality.
  • Mutual trust brings solidarity.


  • An FG Group employee is not alone.
  • He is a member of a well-established family.
  • Every success is mutual.
  • Obstacles are overcome together.


  • In the world of FG Group, respect is the key to teamwork.
  • Unpolite communication is not accepted.
  • Labor is above all else.
  • Every effort is respected.


  • Passion is the biggest source of motivation in the world of FG Group.
  • Acting with passion is the key to achieving better.
  • This passion is fed by excitement.
  • The ultimate success which comes along with this attitude is inevitable.